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Below are some helpful and important tips provided by our professional removalists


  • Our staff is always available on mobile phones making it easy to make contact and track the deliveries.


  • At Movers and Removers, our removalists drive well equipped trucks, so it is a great idea to ensure that the driveway is clear of any obstructions. This enables removalists to reverse the truck easily close to the entrance so that all stuff is loaded quickly and painlessly.
  • Any potted plants, toys, bicycles or pets should be moved away from the driveway and the sides, so there is no chance of accidental damage.
  • Any large plants around the driveway to a max height on 3 feet should be cut, so that these don’t become obstacle while moving furniture.


  • To ensure safe transition, please ensure that if you have any kids, there is someone to baby sit them at all times while the move is in progress. This includes while we are packing, loading or unpacking stuff. Kids should not be moving around while our movers are working as both the kids and the removalists can accidently injure themselves.

Access to destination

  • To ensure the move is quick and easy, please ensure that someone is available all the time for the duration of the move. Please schedule your commitments accordingly. This will help us not just packing/unpacking quickly but also will save you money.
  • Ensure that you have organised access to the destination place well in advance and the driveway is accessible when we reach at the destination place.


  • Please ensure that boxes are labelled properly and accurate instructions have been written for the removalists when packing. It makes it easy to load or unload boxes. Ensure that all boxes are taped and closed. If there is a fragile item in the box, please label in big font size as “handle with care”. Each box should not be more than 25 kilos, as above this range is a safety hazard for the removalist.
  • Please provide clear and accurate drop off address & instructions to the Removalists so that they don’t find any difficulty in locating the address, saving you money.


  • Make sure that there are no items on top of furniture, if furniture requires assembly after drop-off make sure there are assembly manuals or instructions and all the bolts and assembly accessories are not hidden in an unknown box.
  • Empty contents of side tables and cabinets to prevent them from opening during the move.
  • Lock your valuable items in a safe if possible.


  • Make sure all appliances required to be moved are disconnected and Refrigerators are emptied in good time before the removalists arrive.

TV & Entertainment systems

  • HDTV’s , Projectors and Music Systems should be packed in their original packing for safe breakage proof move.

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